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Our Guarantee, Door Maintenance, Terms of Payment, and Other Details

Our Guarantee

For properly maintained doors we offer a guarantee for life. If your door or furniture ever falls short of your expectations, please let us know immediately. We’ll do all we can to see that your confidence is restored.

Door Maintenance

The maintenance of your home is important. By keeping things up, you can extend the life of every part of your house. Your front door is no exception.

Maintaining your door is fairly simple. You’ll want to check your door twice a year.  If the finish looks 'dry', it will need re-coating with a high quality spar varnish. If your door is under a covered porch and out of direct sunlight you may go years between maintenance. It is the sun that takes the highest toll on the finish. It is important to maintain the finish so that moisture stays away from the wood. After all, you have made an investment in your door and you want to protect it!

Though you may use any high quality spar varnish you wish, we recommend Sutherland Wells Marine Spar Varnish. You can find it at: or call them at 800-322-1245. A quart should be plenty for maintenance purposes. Follow the directions on the can for Resurfacing Marine Spar Varnish. I scuff the carving with a small brass wire brush instead of sandpaper.

Important Info Click for printable door maintenance instructions in PDF format.

Terms of Payment

We require 50% down to reserve a place in our schedule. Upon completion of your door, we take pictures and email them to you. We require final payment after your pictures are sent and before we ship.

Selecting Door Hardware

  • If you order our Pre-hung package, we will install hardware for your door.
  • Select the style you like based on your tastes, the architecture of the home and budget. Here are some links to get you started.
  • Ask to have your hardware drop shipped to us. We will install it and get your door ready for your contractor.
  • After we receive your down payment, you still have a few weeks to find your hardware. Please have your hardware ready about four weeks after we have started your project.

Information We’ll Need From You

We can work with you or your contractor for the construction details.  We’ll need to know the size of your rough opening and the depth of your wall. We will also need to know the direction you want your door to open. As you are standing outside, facing the door, do you want the doorknob to go on the left or right? Considerations like this are important.

Shipping and Crating

Shipping is simple. The jambs are dis-assembled and packed in the crate with the door. The door is cushioned in styrofoam. The crate will protect your investment as it moves through the freight system. We can provide an estimate for your shipping costs once we have the delivery address.

Architectural Photographer

We would like to thank our photographer for all his fine work. If you need an architectural photographer we highly recommend: Douglas Kahn, Architectural Photography

THANKS for the opportunity to build your door!  I hope that your home and your door will always be a source of joy. – Tom Larkin