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Dining Room Set.  Matched Pair of Cabinets. 

So thank you for creating the lovely serving set from your mind and with your hands that greets me each morning as I bump my way to the kitchen for coffee, and reassures me each night as I head to bed that keys, wallet, life’s paraphanalia, are all where they should be for that next day’s adventure.... We’ve loved them since first sight and continue to enjoy their very-real presence in our home."   C.J. - Connecticut

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The tall piece is for storage of plates, glasses, etc.  The long piece is fitted with a glass top for serving.

©Douglas Kahn Photographer


The seam between the doors is hidden in the carving.

©Douglas Kahn Photographer

 This carved cabinet provides a focus point in a tasteful interior.

 Close up of carved surface beneath glass top.

©Douglas Kahn Photographer

 This serving table gracefully fills the entry way.



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