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Teak and Pearwood Carved Headboard.

As a Coloradan, Tom's aspen trees had great significance to my husband, now stuck in the flat lands of Texas.  We decided that Tom's work would be a perfect 6 year anniversary present to each other.  So, we combed through old pictures of that trip and found a photo of one of Tom's doors with his card on it.  Harnessing the power of the internet, we found Tom and began correspondence to design a headboard.  After much patience on Tom's part, we agreed upon a design.  Unbeknownst to me, my husband and Tom conspired to make the headboard even more special with a subtle and sweet inscription in one of the trees.  Each night we sleep under the imagined sound of aspen trees and gentle reminders of the growth and strength of our marriage." E.G. - Texas

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This king sized headboard was carved with an Aspen Leaf motif at the request of the client. The Swiss Pearwood panel is set in a frame of Burmese Teak.  The husband requested his and his wife's initials carved inside a heart in a tree trunk to surprise her. 

©Douglas Kahn Photographer

The closeup view of this carved panel says it all. 


©Douglas Kahn Photographer

 Another closeup view of the headboard.

©Douglas Kahn Photographer



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