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Weeping Beech. Part of a front door - back door package. See the sister door, the Branching Spruce. Installed in New Jersey.

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One of a pair of doors created to grace a 100 year old home built of River Rock.

©Douglas Kahn Photographer

This design was inspired by a Weeping Beech tree growing near the home.

©Douglas Kahn Photographer

We worked on this design for many weeks before arriving at this concept.  The intent is to capture the character of the Weeping Beech moving in the breeze.

Close up detail of the carving.  The spot of color provides a focus point.

©Douglas Kahn Photographer


 Another close up shows the depth and detail in Tom's carving.  The carving should stand up to close scrutiny.

©Douglas Kahn Photographer


Comments (3)
One of a kind handmade door...
3 Thursday, 04 June 2009 18:43
These doors are a brilliant way to incorperate art into architecture. The facade of a home adds tremendous real estate value, these doors are a fantastic application re staging the exterior of one's home--Talk about curb appeal!

Weeping Beech door
2 Saturday, 07 March 2009 17:21
Sharon Buck
This is absolutely glorious!
Beautiful Detail and Quality
1 Saturday, 07 March 2009 13:39
Bob Warren
I was privileged to see this door and its mate before Tom delivered them to his customer. I am always very impressed by Tom's ability to incorporate so much detail in his carvings. The tree on this door is very realistic and extremely well executed.

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